GPS-based mobile platform for parks and hiking trails



Ascender is a fully-featured mobile platform that can fit into the budgets of both small and large parks. Out of the box, Ascender comes with a responsive and beautiful park website and a dynamic mobile application for iOS, packed with rich information about the park, downloadable and interactive trail maps, emergency contact details, and even the ability to track your hike in real time.

The Ascender iOS app even works offline, when park visitors have limited mobile signal and internet access.

Responsive Park Website

Showcase your park on large and small screens. Offer park visitors access to up-to-date trail maps, weather, pictures, and more.

GPS-Based iOS App

It is even more important that your park visitors be able to access trail maps, emergency info, and interesting locations while they are enjoying your park.

No Mobile Signal? No Problem.

That's right! Your iOS app will work even when the cellular signal is not available, so park visitors can still track their hike, view trail maps, and access emergency contact info.

We set out to build a park platform with world-class features, at a price both small and large parks can fit into their budget.


Ascender Pricing

Transparent, affordable pricing for every park

$ 2,500


  • Dynamic iOS App
  • Your Logo
  • Up to 10 Locations
  • Dedicated Trail Status App
  • 2 Year License
$ 6,000


  • Everything in Standard plus
  • Custom colors
  • Custom fonts
  • Unlimited locations
  • 2 Year License
  • Premium Support
$ 7,500

Full Suite

  • Everything in Enhanced plus
  • Dynamic, Responsive Website
  • Onsite photography (in Georgia, contact us if out of state)
  • Unlimited locations
  • Apple Watch support
  • 2 Year License
  • Premium Support

Looking for something more custom? Multi-platform for Android and iOS? We can help you brainstorm, too.

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